On July 8th we covered a crucial topic; the explosion of child trafficking in our Healing Ceremony called “A Catastrophe” and we looked at the root causes of the issue.

We promoted a movie that had just come out on the topic called “Sound of Freedom,” starring Jim Caviezel who portrayed the true life story of ex-CIA officer Tim Ballard. 

After that Healing Ceremony Source said what was happening was “biblical.”

We didn’t understand what Source meant until we saw the astonishing box office numbers for this small independent movie, number one on July 4, and even now it continues to be at number two!

Then the producer of the movie was interviewed on a major cable TV news network – they were amazed, and the producer was overcome to the point of tears.

A miracle was happening – and continues. The movie had a fraction of the budgets of other major studio movies at theaters.

But a grassroots movement is happening through word of mouth and according to the movie’s producer people “prayed for the success of the movie.”

This is clear evidence that divine intervention is taking place on this planet at this time. For those with the “eyes to see and the ears to hear” we are living in historic times and the Ascension Portal played a part in this movement!

In this week’s healing ceremony we cover this and other examples of a “return to Source” happening on Earth, how divine intervention is occuring  for major influencers who are going to support the Great Awakening and the ushering in of the Golden Age.

We also cover an important topic for healing: Water. How it supports the work we are doing in the Portal, including health benefits like more energy, brain function, detoxification and stamina and more.

I hope to see you all there! If you have not already joined the Ascension Portal, find out more here.


Healing Ceremony Saturday 22nd July 2023


In this week’s Healing Ceremony called Water and You  we will cover:

    • Sound of Freedom Update – we’ll hear from the producer of the movie directly in an recent interview clip
    • Other examples of divine intervention – we will share examples of other people including influencers who are experiencing divine intervention like many people in the Portal!
    • The Importance of Structured water – what this is and how it promotes more energy, brain function and stamina
    • The Memory of Water – the evidence, using water, to set intentions, detox, heal trauma, trapped emotions and worldly beliefs. 
    • Case Studies – we have prepared 8 member case studies this week
    • Experience the new very deep dive meditation called Meditation Bell I
    • Ascension progress report for the Portal and Humanity
    • And much more!

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What Members Are Saying

Niki mentioned in yesterday’s Healing Ceremony that we should ask our source team for help. I remembered what had happened to me last week. I was struggling with pain and I was wrestling with whether I could manage to go to work. It’s not too many hours, but the work is physical. My source team came in loud and clear and told me they would give me ‘a helping hand’. They also told me that they could see how much effort I had been putting in and they wanted to ‘lift me up’. I totally trusted them, and I managed the work and had some real positive moments. I suffered for a couple of days after but I was so pleased with my achievement. I then got another message from my source team, they were literally lifting me up and carrying me and cheering me on. This morning I listened to ‘Deepen’ and I felt so much love coming through the meditation and the lady singing seemed louder and more angelic than normal. That love has stayed with me all day and it’s been amazing.

Hope to see you all on Saturday!