So last week when I asked Source what would be good to talk about in the Healing Ceremony tomorrow – the answer, without missing a heartbeat, was LOVE. What is love? What are its attributes? How does it behave? What does it FEEL like? Is love really a type of actual food? Do we really need it for child development, health as well as our psycho-emotional wellbeing?

As you can read in the comments from members below, the new Zoom call format has been a hit and truly a growth in the next step of evolution of the Ascension Portal. After doing the first call, we realized the main thing we as coaches are doing for the people who have the courage to be on the “Hot Seat” – is rewriting their inner narrative – the story of their lives – with love.

It is crucial when we have been hurt or traumatized to first articulate and express what happened to us, but second, to find the meaning and the purpose behind the events. This is what allows the healing and the release, the post-traumatic growth, and even the ability to see the events as a blessing.

Many of us are still holding bad inner narratives and stories about who we are, what and why we experienced what we did, and about the future. Most of the time our narratives are inaccurate – plain and simple.

This week, as we will do every week in the Healing Ceremony, we will demonstrate how to rewrite our stories – with love – through asking Source directly about issues Portal members are dealing with in the case studies they submit.

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Healing Ceremony Saturday 11th March 2023



As well as starting the new Zoom call “Hot Seat” format this Saturday, Niki is going to spend 1 hour answering case studies submitted by members in all Healing Ceremonies going forward. She will spend 30 minutes discussing the theme of the week:

  • What is love – according to Source, what are the characteristics of love, compared to our other main choice which is fear?
  • Love as food – how the emotion of love feeds us literally, how negative entities feed off fear, understanding love is creation, and who we are
  • Re-writing our life stories with love – the importance of our life stories or narratives, the importance of both articulating the story and finding meaning, purpose in it, so we can experience post traumatic growth and even discover the blessing in our experience
  • Niki will spend 1 hour answering Portal Member Case Studies posted in the member’s Forum thread here.
  • Experience the profound new deep dive Golden Sunrise Meditation
  • Ascension progress report for the Portal and Humanity
  • And much more!

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What Members Are Saying


I just finished listening to the healing ceremony on Disclosure and basking in the love and peacefulness of the Liquid Sunlight Meditation. I wanted to share how blessed I feel to have found this Portal and to be ascending with all of you. Niki was right!  We wouldn’t want to be doing this alone.  During the meditation I was thinking back and remembering how scared I was to join this Portal, how some of us thought that perhaps this was some sort of cult, how it seemed utterly impossible that I would land in a group of ET Souls that came to planet Earth to help humanity save themselves.  It just seemed preposterous to me.  (By the way, I still have some unworthiness to heal but it’s getting there).  However, now I definitely know this to be true!! But here we all are, finding our way through this process together, helping each other, holding each other’s hands as we all bravely and courageously love our way back to Source.  Thank you all for sharing your vulnerabilities!  That is truly what helps me most in this Portal. All the love and support is truly amazing.  It had taught me how to let go of judgment and see everyone for who they truly are (light beings who need healing and are finding their way back to Source).  I was initially disappointed when I learned that the zoom format changed to the “Hot Seat” format.  But I quickly realized how valuable it will be to many who are silently struggling in the Portal and could use a helping hand.  Today’s session was so beautiful.  All the love of everyone holding space for those in the “Hot Seat” today confirmed this.  And I recognize the value in learning from others’ experiences.  So once again I’d like to thank Niki, Christine, Jeff, Annie, Lynn, all of the friendship group, all of my personal Ascension friends, all of my zoom families,  and everyone in the Portal for showing up to do this work together. It is a blessing to be part of this amazing journey with all of you.  Even though I know that this is all real and the truth, I still have to pinch myself that I made it here!! I am so grateful to be part of this family and I love you all!!!


I think the new Zoom call intent/call is WONDERFUL.  I think it is an amazingly rich, bonding, learning and growth opportunity.  I LOVED the first session!  I am grateful to the two hotseat participants, who I admire and send love and support to and who have stayed in my mind and heart this week.  I also feel that the change in format of the healing ceremony is an extension of the same support as the new zoom call, and I think the combination of zoom and case studies in the HC is invaluable.  I am grateful for both and look forward to all the learning, support and love in and to the portal that will be manifest in the weeks/months to come


I have had a string of busy weekends, but catch the zoom call and healing circle on replay. I was listening to the zoom replay, and I wanted to say that I am looking forward to the new format for the Saturday Zoom call. Vivian had an insightful comment about getting to see some of our own issues from another perspective.  Then the coaching for it – WOW!   It feels like the portal is growing up and this new chapter is such an opportunity for help in ways that many of us aren’t able to find.  That being said, I will miss hearing from everyone about their lives, but I truly believe that we will find our way back together in another way.   This is an incredible community, and I’m so glad to be here.


I found this new format during the HC very enlightening. I gained a lot of insight with the replay of the zoom call from earlier that morning. Even if you don’t share the same struggles as the person in the Hot Seat, it is very educational and I am also moved by the love and support that the person receives from the other portal members. I did glean a lot of useful information for my own healing and I gained a deep understanding and empathy for other members who have major struggles and hurdles. I will also say that it is so wonderful to see and hear the healing that comes about for the individual, it makes me so happy to see those hurting so much in our “family” get the answers they so desperately need.  Thank you Niki and Team!  I love this new format! 

Hope to see you all on Saturday!