In perhaps an even more powerful Sunday Healing Circle than ever before Niki will sharing:

  • A beautiful new profoundly healing 30 minute meditation called “Beingness” 
  • Why some people in the Ascension Portal are still unwilling to heal physically or emotionally
  • The real reasons people choose not to heal and what to do about it NOW
  • An important announcement and preview about spectacular new information she has download about the future of the Ascension Portal
  • Ascension Portal progress update
  • And much more!

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What People Are Saying


I am generally not one to share things online, but as a child, i had broken 3 vertebrae in my lower back, and as a result developed Spondylolisthesis, where my vertebrae shift on each other.  Six years ago, i slipped on ice and tore ligaments in my left ankle and shredded some tendons in that area. A few days later, i was brought down by two pinched nerves in my low back that caused intense back pain and effectively wiped out feeling in my left foot and part of my right foot. I had surgery just over a year ago to repair the ankle, but the lack of feeling from the pinched nerves persisted until now.
Before joining the portal, i found a chiropractor who has been brilliant about being able to help stabilize my spine, but since joining the portal, both my chiro and my massage therapist have expressed surprise and delight at the incredibly positive changes in my spine, and my body overall. I can see that there is more light and love coming thru my eyes; the finer nerve sensations are coming back into both feet and circulation is starting to improve; circulation in my hands is much stronger; my skin seems to be less dry; my spine is more stable and pain-free now than it has been in decades; the inflammation in my body has been reduced; my sense of fear and stress has considerably reduced; and overall, my outlook on life is hopeful. Once i get the sleep issues resolved, i will be unstoppable!! Having knowledge, understanding and context is so important, and the perspective that Niki has provided and the guidance she has offered has been life-altering. I bless your existence every day, Niki, and am deeply grateful for you having taken on this life-altering and world-altering work. This ascension work is so subtle yet so persistent that it becomes impossible to deny the many positive changes that it has caused. One may need to suspend disbelief for a short time in order to really see the huge difference it cannot help but make in one’s life. It is profound.


Thank you to everyone who has been sharing their healing experiences in here – it is inspiring to read. For me, the healing hasn’t been so ‘obvious’, but a lot more gradual, even subtle, and over the past few days, I’ve just been noticing how things are different. On a physical level, I have, throughout January, been doing Adriene Mishler’s 30 days of yoga challenge. This is a ‘tradition’ for me, which started back in 2017, at which point, I was far too badly affected by CFS/ME to stand any realistic chance of keeping up. But willpower saw me get through all 30 days, with a lot of breaks in between. So,  I have noticed my ability to ‘keep up’ increase each year, as I’ve been healing. Well, this year’s challenge has felt very physically demanding. Yet, a couple of days ago, as we were doing the most physically demanding day yet (called Strong!), I suddenly became very aware of the ‘ease’ with which my body was doing this day. I managed to completely ‘zone out’ mentally, so I didn’t have the customary soundtrack of ‘can you do this? How is your energy? Should you be pushing? Yes, you’re OK, you got this’. Instead, I was just moving and enjoying the movement and not thinking about it. And no PEM (post exertional malaise) afterwards. Then, yesterday, I put myself into a family situation that would, in the past, have been massively triggering on a mental level, and in the past I would have absorbed huge amounts of stress from another family member, and resulted in feeling drained and exhausted afterwards. Yesterday was completely different: I was present throughout, didn’t even sense the stress from said family member, and left the situation feeling whole, calm and happy within myself. It’s kind of hard to put into words, but I just had this recognition of this experience being so vastly different than it used to be. I am still shedding a lot of unwanted layers, but it is lovely to feel and notice these small signs of progress, and I wanted to share this to remind others that sometimes the healing path is so gradual, that it’s easy to not even recognise it, and easy to remain focused on what is left to heal, instead of noticing what has already healed. So, I send love, light and healing to all of you, and look forward to reading more of your healing experiences, and sharing more of my own as they arise. Thank you for reading


I’ve had a tough day today and decided I wanted to reflect on the great progress I have felt in these two areas since joining the July intake. Today I discovered I had made (what feels to me like) a very big professional mistake at work that has impacted other people. I pride myself on being absolutely flawless when it comes to this particular part of my work, even when I am under a lot of pressure and stress, and I have high expectations of other people in that area. I am finding things tough emotionally – both a jolt to my self-esteem and what I want others to think of me, and feeling like I let some people down. On the positive side, normally I would be in a massive emotional meltdown inside and have trouble functioning (but hide it really well, I think). I would normally be thinking very, very unkind thoughts about myself, calling myself names in my thoughts, self-harm thoughts, thinking I should resign, don’t deserve my job, etc.  Today, though,  I just feel very upset, but not self-hatred, and I don’t think even shame, at least not the level I would normally feel. I have made a plan with someone else professionally on how to address the mistake. It is not the end of the world, or the end of my career or anything else my thoughts would normally tell me. I have asked Source to show me the good that can come from it. My usual reaction would also be to struggle with taking care of my body if I had made a mistake like that, e.g. eating, hydrating, going to the toilet, etc. I have taken care of myself in those ways today. In fact, I have improved so much with transmuting self-deprivation. A few years ago I was working 70-75 hours a week and often sleeping only 4 hours a night. Now I get at least 7 hours a night most nights and I find that I can’t work like that anymore – my psyche and my body just says no when I occasionally try. I take time off on the weekends, and make time for exercise. I had a holiday recently and did not check my work email for most of the 2 weeks – a very big change for me. Recently I had a psychic reading by someone who has worked with me for the past 5 years or so. She had seen the change in my boundaries a few months back (she said, “Wow that’s different!”). This time she tuned into my Source team and said that I was now accessing much higher frequencies, and that although I still had my original source team, I now had “beings of light” on my team and she had to connect in at a much higher level to communicate with them. She does know about my work with this portal. She said that the change in my source team had happened sometime in September. I had not started engaging with the commands or the core ascension meditation until August, and not really more in earnest until September. I had a real moment of increase in my faith – although I can see the changes in myself, it was very fulfilling to have someone else notice this change in my source team that I can’t see!! I also feel that I am more in the present moment so much more of the time. Alongside that, I do not leave my body regularly under stress to the extent that I used to. Overall I am becoming so much stronger, clearer, more confident and not thrown so much by my emotions. When I focus on gratitude and how I am changing, it makes the areas where I still need so much growth easier to deal with in myself.

Hope to see you all on Sunday!